North American Camping Report (NACR) 2015

By Justin Bahr, April 15, 2015

The North American Camping Report is a yearly project Cairn Consulting Group helps produce for KOA Campgrounds. It is a widely used report that provides insights into the outdoors market – in particular camping – which is produced for public consumption.

“Camping reaches deep into the North American culture, wiht nearly 6-in-10 households reporting that someone in their household has camped. Indeed, exposure to camping even among those who do not actively engage in camping still holds a memorable place for many.”1

The North American Camping Report is an independent annual study of North American camper habits and desires conducted by KOA and Cairn Consulting.

The results are used to guide KOA’s PR and marketing efforts and shared with the outdoor industry in order to increase the impact of the outdoor sector in the lives of campers.

Read the full report on Uberflip.

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