Market research for data-driven decision-making: an analytical and visual experience.

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Illuminate the market.

Providing strategic direction through market intelligence.

Sound planning is based on insightful and relevant business intelligence. Market research fulfills the need for a greater depth of knowledge and understanding about customers, prospects, your competition, your brand positioning, the product or service you are selling, pricing, advertising, and promotions.

Our research provides the intelligence to shine a spotlight on the key areas that help develop and maintain the practices, strategies, and technologies that companies use to manage their business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth.

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Connecting the critical points.

To tell the story, we help find the meaning behind the data.

Our approach to research is that in order for the results to be relevant, it is necessary to make the connections that will lead to deeper insights. Data points do not exist in isolation, and it is incumbent upon the researcher to identify the connections that are most meaningful and, importantly, help to lead the development of business strategy.

We use an exploratory analytical approach to help make these connections and uncover the insights and, ultimately, implications of these connections.

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Guided research, better results.

Let us guide you through the process.

Research and the resulting pool of information can be difficult to navigate. Our team will help get you through the process painlessly. By visualizing the path ahead, making the connections, and with some help from our years of experience in the market research field, our approach gives you a ‘leg up’ on the competition.

We will help you identify where you want to go then we’ll help you get there through our guided approach.

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North American Camping Report 2023

One of the largest studies on the outdoor industry.

The North American Camping Report is a yearly project Cairn Consulting Group helps produce for KOA Campgrounds. It is a widely used report that provides insights into the outdoor market – in particular camping – which is produced for public consumption.

The North American Camping Report is an independent annual study of North American camper habits and desires conducted by KOA and Cairn Consulting.

The results are used to guide KOA’s PR and marketing efforts and shared with the outdoor industry in order to increase the impact of the outdoor sector in the lives of campers.

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Woodalls Campground Magazine has put out the WCM Fall 2022 Outdoor Hospitality Report, which summarizes the findings from campground owners and managers.

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