By Scott Bahr, April 11, 2018

Back in February of 2018 Cairn Consulting Group was proud to partner with both KOA and Allison + Partners as they received the coveted Sabre Award for for Best Use of Measurement & Post Campaign Analysis for the North American Camping Report in 2017. This prestigious award marks the first time in the history of CCG to be a part of a nationally acclaimed award. This also shows how high the bar has been set by the industry leaders to continue to perform at such a high level going into April of 2018 when the latest version of the report will be released.

“The Sabre Awards have always been about engagement, credibility, and relationship building. Now more than ever you need to be able to demonstrate your credentials in these areas, and the peer reviewed endorsement of your abilities that SABRE provides is increasingly valuable.”1

The North American Camping Report is a free report produced each year to highlight trends in the outdoor industry and surveys over 3,000 people from all backgrounds involved in the outdoor industry to better understand how things are changing. Each report focuses on the fastest and most pivotal trends in the ever-growing industry and helps industry leaders such as KOA to refine the camping experience and overall outdoor experience.

“Kampgrounds of America Inc.’s (KOA) North American Camping Report was awarded the Best Use of Measurement & Post Campaign Analysis recently during the 2018 North American In2 Innovation Sabre Awards.

The awards ceremony was held Feb. 13 in New York, N.Y. The In2 Innovation Sabre Awards recognize superior achievement in branding, reputation and engagement, and attracts more than 2,000 entries from across North America each year, according to a press release.” 2

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