Understanding the Sectors Shifting Demographics

By Scott Bahr, June 30, 2019

Featured in Woodall’s Camping magazine, the article discusses some results from the North American Camping Report and the camper experience in the outdoors. 

“Since we first started measuring the camper experience, there are some notable trends that have been taking place in camping that directly impact how campgrounds are being managed and have contributed to the increased popularity of camping that has been observed over the past few years.

Trends in camping have, in many ways, mirrored changes in the hospitality industry, where providers are increasingly tuned in to the customer experience and designing the services and amenities around consumer feedback.

In hospitality, we focus on measuring and evaluating the customer experience based on the key touchpoints between customers and the organization, which allows us to determine where there are gaps in guests’ (perceptions of) experiences. This feedback loop has resulted in consumers now having the ability to choose the type of hospitality experience they are seeking based on their personal needs and requirements.

As camping has increased in popularity and campgrounds are seeking to provide campers with the array of services and amenities they desire, evaluation of the camper experience has become an important consideration for the industry. Several years ago, Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) recognized the need to stay abreast of changes in the marketplace and provide the industry with a set of metrics that can be utilized by the industry to continue to enhance the enjoyment of the outdoors by a greater number of participants.”1

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