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Canadians – ‘Quite Anxious’ To Get Out and Travel

By Scott Bahr

July 19, 2021

Canadians — who tend to be a more avid set of campers when compared to the U.S. — have been relatively patient while waiting for areas to open up for camping. They are still quite anxious to get out and travel more often and have expressed some frustrations at the pace of reopening camping areas. While two-thirds of Canadian campers say that they felt camping should have opened up sooner, more than three-fourths are going to make up for lost time by taking more camping trips to replace at least some of the trips they couldn’t take.

Looking ahead, Canadian campgrounds and other outdoor recreation destinations can look forward to a robust Fall season (as long as the openings continue on pace). We will be monitoring the Canadian camper in the coming months and identify any changes to these predictions and report back on how campers are adjusting to this altered timeline that has disrupted their normal camping patterns.

“A new report from Kampgrounds of America (KOA) reveals that, as COVID-19 restrictions ease, Canadian campers are ready and eager to get out and reconnect with nature and with each other: 67% say they want to get out and camp immediately or very soon.” –

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